‘TEKKEN: The Dark History of Mishima’ Spoiler Free Review

I was sent a copy via Net Galley in returns for an honest review.

Anyone from our generation has at least heard of and most have played a game in the Tekken series. Die hard fans of the series will be overjoyed to know that the novel has finally been translated into English after only previously being published in Japanese.

“To live was to fight. To have was to seize. Power was justice. A life without power wasn’t worth living. That was the truth for all beings.” 


It tells the story of Jin Kazama, the new leader of the Mishima Zaibatsu and his crazy, violent, bloodthirsty history which his family had a huge part in creating. The book opens up with a character list which instantly floods you with nostalgia as you see familiar names like Jin, Heihachi, Nina and Anna Williams etc. It also helps set the scene for the novel, giving you the idea of which generation the story focuses on.

Instantly, after flipping the first page you are thrown straight into a fight scene. The fight scenes, and the novel as a whole has been very eloquently translated and helps to build a very vivid picture in your mind. I haven’t read a book where the fight scenes have been as well written as these ones, with snippets of videogame terminology slotted in too, they are truly exciting and invigorating. The fights in question are wonderfully graphic and had me pulling a few grotesque faces as I was travelling home on the train.

The books jumps from character to character giving different perspectives on the world which was really fun too.

If you know the characters, and I’d assume most people picking this book up would, you notice some intricate character details. They made a smile spread across my face as I remembered how the characters were built in the games and how well mirrored they were here.

Although the book isn’t canon to the games, it’s a must-read for any Tekken fan! I hope Takashi Yano writes more stories which are translated based on gamings most loved characters.

A wonderfully violent, much appreciated 5/5 stars!

Thank you Net Galley!

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Thank you lovelies and happy reading! xo




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