An Overdue Spoiler Free Review of Kerry Drewery’s ‘Cell 7’

No read of 2016 has kept me in as much suspense as Kerry Drewery’s new book. It’ a wonderful twist on modern society where if you commit a crime, you enter “the cells”. Your case is televised on a new reality TV show where the public themselves act as jury, they watch live footage of the cells, hosts talking about the accused as well as witnesses and lawyers and then the public vote on whether the accused live or die. Oh yeah, and you’re killed gruesome death penalty style. It’s an almost gruesome interpretation of a contemporary society as it’s not too far from our own reality. This makes for a very interesting and thought provoking read making you ask “what would you do?” “how would you vote” it’s so exciting and really gripping!

Our protagonist Martha is a wonderful character.She’s no Damsel in Distress and her twisty, invigorating story leaves you wanting more. (Spoilers, there is more, two more!!!!) I really enjoyed following the arch of her psyche as she fights with herself. It’s raw and real the way she deals with being locked in the cells wondering if she’ll live or die. After all, she knows the truth.

My favourite sections by far were the ‘Death By Justice’ section. Written like a screenplay, it depicts what you may see on this Big Brother-esque TV show in such a way that it’s very realistic. It tumblr_static_6diox68rn6w4cscs08cckwc4csets the drama rolling every time it pops up in the book and highlights the ever present theme of time passing, not long left untilCell 7, is Martha’s time up?

It’s a wonderful narrative which I can see will only flourish in its sequels. Kerry was not afraid to tackle a highly controversial issue and I admire and like that in my novels, particularly in YA.

The book is flawlessly structured with an end that had me standing up, tensing every muscle in my body and hopping up and down (seriously). It makes your heart POUND and all my bookclub girls felt the same way about THAT end. The flawless structure, partnered with a bad-ass protagonist with one of the m
ost interesting premises of the year, I highly recommend you pick this amazing book up!

Thank you to Hot Key Books for sending us all at the Book Club a copy for review, we love y’all. And thank you to Kerry herself for joining us in our bookchat at the end of October, it was a wonderful insight into the book and got me so so pumped for the sequel!

This was an easy, heart pounding 5/5 stars! 

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Thank you lovelies and happy reading! xo


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