‘The Southwest Independent Coffee Guide 3’ Book Launch & Mini Review

Hello lovelies!

Not only am I a student and book reader/reviewer…I also make coffee! I work as a Barista in a speciality coffee kiosk in Bristol and I love it. Last Friday, my two loves came together when me and my work buddies headed to the launch party of the Southwest Independent Coffee Guide – which we are in! It’s basically a Bible of all the wonderful coffee locations in the region, letting you k14716375_1850565625177904_5387097919398608896_n.jpgnow where to get the best espresso in town.

The shindig was put on at the Extract Coffee Roasters in Bristol and these guys, a long with the various sponsors knew how to put on a good do! It was so lovely to meet so many lovers of coffee in once place. We ate lovely pizza, drunk lovely drinks and ate lovely cake from some of the best suppliers in Bristol (Bertha’s Pizza, Beyond The Bean and Cakesmiths). A lot of the event was focused around ‘Movember’ as Extract’s seasonal espresso for the next few months is Strongman (my literal fav coffee ever in the world, seriously, have it in a flat white, it’s a real game changer), which was created in support of the charity. In this regard there was a raffle in which the pries were men’s grooming products and other little surprises, which was a really good idea. There was also a photo booth complete with strongman props, with an instant Polaroid camera so we were able to document the event in such a lovely way.

In terms of coffee things, there was a three-legged latte art competition (you hold hands both have to one-handedly draw various patterns ranging from a heart to a phoenix) and a Cupping Contest. My coffee skills are no where near the level to be in any of these contests (one day, I’ll get there) but they were so fun to watch and it’s always good to learn!

It was a great event for networking, speaking to friends and making new ones too. Thanks so much to Extract, the South West Coffee Guide guys and all the sponsors for a wonderful evening!

The Book itself:

  • Even if you’re new to coffee – this guide is perfect for newbies and obsessives alike.south-west-and-south-wales-coffee-guide-number-3
  • The Southwest Guide includes South Wales too!
  • Each coffee spot has a single page spread detailing all it’s quirks and specific style including its opening hours and social media sites.
  • Each page also nods towards whether the coffee stop is gluten free, dog friendly, whether it has disabled access etc – perfect if you’re looking for somewhere specific.
  • For the more devoted coffee lovers the book also outlines what roasters, brewing method, machine and grinder they use.
  • The clue is in the name, they’re all independent and most if not all will use local products too. No need to stick to those chains next time you visit the South West!
  • “Your passport to the world of speciality coffee”, on the back of the book, is the perfect way to describe it.

All in all it’s a wonderful book by a wonderful company which is available to buy from their website here http://www.indycoffee.guide/  with a northern and Scottish guide available too if that interests you, if you’re into your coffee any edition is definitely worth the buy. You can read more about the launch here http://www.indycoffee.guide/south-west-south-wales-indy-coffee-guide-launch/. (they have very cool pics on there).

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Thank you lovelies and happy reading! (and coffee drinking – hehe) xo


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