‘Christmas at Lilac Cottage’ by Holly Martin – Spoiler Free Review

Massive thanks to Hot Key Books and Bonnie Zaffire Books for providing with all us Bookclub Girls with a copy. We all adore you and are excited to see what 2017 brings!

I am very much a mood reader and will pick up books based on how i feel. So when i finished the first semester of my final year at uni, this book was such an obvious choice. It made all the stress melt into festive loveliness. This was the first Holly Martin book I’ve picked up and it won’t be the last.

The plot is based around Penny and her Lilac Cottage in White Cliff Bay. She works as an ice sculptor (which is random and specific, which I liked) and lets out part of her cottage to get a bit more money. The book is basically a comedy of errors where Penny makes funny mistake after funny mistake which only increases when the super hot Henry and his daughter Daisy arrived to rent the annex of her cutesy cottage. Penny is really relatable in the way that she isn’t perfect, this was refreshing and made her instantly likeable. The other two main characters, Henry and Daisy are also well fleshed out. Their relationship is particularly touching with Henry’s  struggles in understanding his teenager’s issues grounding the relationship in reality. The plot is arguably quite predictable but…that’s kind of exactly what you want. No surprises or unnecessary twists. The ending was perfect and satisfying with all the ends tied up perfectly.

I absolutely loved this book and sped through it in about 24 hours. It’s and snappy and the action happens quickly but it doesn’t feel rushed. I don’t pick up these kind of…saucy shall we say…romances very often however I know when one is written badly and this one was pure gold. Theres a particular scene involving a car horn which i was cry-laughing at. I don’t think I’ve ever cry laughed at a book before. I absolutely fell in love with Penny thanks to Holly’s delectable writing style.

In sh518wptv7pllort, I would definitely pick this book up if I were you. Either pick it up now as a last minute festive read or put it at the top of next years list. It’s sheer festive perfection with a plot that roller-coasters thr
ough the ups and downs of White Cliff Bay in the hands of one of the best festive romances I have read.

Holly was super lovely to me on twitter when i was speaking to her on Twitter. You can find her here.

A 5 Gold Rings/5 for me. Think I may read it again next year!

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Thank you lovelies and happy reading! Hope you all had a lovely Christmas xx


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