‘Christmas at the Little Beach Street Bakery’ by Jenny Colgan – Spoiler Free Review

Thank you to Jenny Colgan, Little Brown Book Group and Netgalley for the review copy!

I am so excited to be reviewing a Colgan book on my blog. This is the first one I’ve read since starting it up. I have to preface this by saying that Jenny Colgan is easily one of my favourite authors of all time. She writes contemporary perfectly with a quirky twist and her books never fail to disappoint (and I’ve read a fair few of them!). This instalment of the ‘Beach Street Bakery’ series is the last (probably) in the trilogy. It was wonderful and festive and cute and brought back so many lovely memories of some of my best loved characters.

Immediately you are put back into world of Polly, her boyfriend (haven’t named him ‘cos spoilers) and their adorable pet puffin, Neil. This story focuses more on Polly’s friend Kerensa. She has a secret, a BIG secret and it causes a bit of friction in Polly’s relationship. This irony of the reader knowing the secret and getting great insight into how it eats away at Polly gives the story some great tension. This is something Colgan has put in the previous books too. A certain level of drama and tension that draws you in meaning you won’t be able to put the book down! All this negative energy puts a bit of a downer on Polly’s Chritmas and it seems like it’s up to her to sort it out.

Polly also has her own de51ooowwndclmons to contend with as someone form her past makes a unexpected and somewhat unwelcome experience. With the usual ups and downs coming from Mount Pelborune this book will feel familiar enough that it’s an absolute joy to read but will also keep you guessing to the last page.

This guessing is kept up right until the end, where, in fact I’m still guessing! Polly and her boyfriend spend a lot of time in the book debating whether or not their relationship should take the next step. Though I don’t want to spoil it for you, I must say I don’t think this is the absolute end of their story, with the final scenes dropping a few maaajor hints. When I tweeted Jenny (you can find her here) about the book and how I NEEDED MORE, an epilogue, a novella, anything! She said “…there should be, shouldn’t there?? I kept meaning to get around to it and then it kind of slipped.SOON!” So if you’re a huge Colgan fan like me, watch this space as we may be treated to more Polly and Neil in the future!

I would urge you to pick this up, though perhaps for next Christmas as this book is definitely best read as part of its series (the previous two books are perfect beach reads). It’s fun, festive and fabulous. It keeps you guessing to the end and is the perfect adult contemporary read.

A Festive 5/5 for me. I’ll be re-reading the triology for years to come. One of my all time favourite series. 

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Thank you lovelies and happy reading! Hope you all had a lovely Christmas xx


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