‘Wing Jones’ by Katherine Webber – Spoiler Free Review and Discussion

I have to preface this review by saying that I absolutely loved this book. It was heart wrenching, interesting and thought provoking.

This is a UKYA debut novel and for a debut, it’s amazing. I covers the themes of sibling relationship, love, sport, friendship, family, money worries and so many more. Wing is a wonderful character and I applaud Katherine Webber for the diversity here. Wing is mixed race and is part Chinese and part Ghanaian. she has a cooky and crazy family and I really embraced it. She lives with her mum, brother and 2 Grandmothers. Each family member has their own character and own problems. Family wasn’t just a plot device here.

I adored Wing as a character. She was so witty and she seemed like such a genuine person. Mine and her feelings toward family were very similar in that it means a great deal to her. I could relate to her in that way. Her athleticism though, I definitely could not. It was actually really refreshing to read a book including a main character who was into something I have zero interest in because it showed me a whole new world. It can get tiring to read books about readers or performers sometimes! one thing i loved about her character and the story in general is her Lioness and Dragon. These are figures that only she can see and I really liked what they stood for. For me, they stood for the resilience we have when things get tough that enable us to appreciate our monumental successes. Kind of like a “you can’t appreciate the bad without the good” scenario. i really enjoyed this super subtle magical realism element.It added another layer to the story and the character development. 25909375

Someone close to Wing goes through a huge tragedy toward the beginning of the book and it’s this that catapults Wing into a world of uncertainty and stress. One night, when it all gets too much she gets the urge to run. She does and she runs like the wind. She describes the immense relief she felt when running and I totally related to this. i loved the overarching message that even when you’re going through the toughest time imaginable, you can find your little thing to keep you pushing through. I love how determined and resilient Wing is. I’m not sure I’d act the same way if my family went through the tragedy hers does!

Another key, though not overpowering element of this story is the romance. It’s subtle, it’s sweet and it feels very real. At first I was angry at Wing for pursuing love whilst her family was going through such a tough time but by the end of he book it made perfect sense and felt completely appropriate to me. There was one moment where the couple go to the beach and they see the sea sparkling and this in particular stood out to me because its something about the sea i absolutely love. Just another element of Katherine’s writing for me to fall in love with.

I adored this book from the cover to the sprayed edges, the plot, the character, the romance, the friendships, the writing style…it was just wonderful.

I can’t believe what a momentous year this is for up and coming UKYA. Katherine Webber is definitely one to watch. Her writing is incredible and feels so real. A true masterpiece.

Okay non-spoiler people..I’m about to dive into a spoilery discussion about that book and how it made me feel. If you’re leaving us here, thanks for reading!


So I had many thoughts whilst I was reading this book:

The book felt so real to me. The book revolves around Wing’s brother, Marcus getting into an accident as a drink driver which kills two people and puts him into a coma. Wing and her family are effectively grieving the loss of Marcus because no one knows if he will wake up. For me this really hit hoe because I have two older brothers and I love them to pieces. This is one of the best books I have read that focus on sibling relationships.Although i adored this book i found myself having to take breaks. It was just too emotional for me and I didn’t want to imagine my brothers in the same situation.

When Marcus woke up and was able to watch Wing run i was so happy. Katherine makes this tragedy feel so rewarding at forces the reader to go on a full journey with Wing. I really loved this book and I’ll be surprised if it isn’t on my fav books of 2016 list!

This book is wonderful. It packs a punch. I love it!

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Thank you lovelies and happy reading! ox



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