♡Nine Bookish Valentines!♡

So as Valentines approaches I thought I would do a fun little post and tell you some of my ideal fictional valentines! 

Some of these may seem a little odd to you but just hear me out, okay? 

Also I guess this post could have spoilers so be aware!

♡ 1.Augustus Waters from The Fault In Our Stars by John Green ♡

I don’t know anyone who didn’t completely fall for Augustus when they read this amazing book by John Green. Book (and movie) Augustus is so sweet who has a real, deep and truly caring connection with Hazel. I’ll always have a soft spot for them as a couple because they connected over a book like me and my boyfriend and my boyfriend always calls me by my full Christian name like Gus does with Hazel. I really like Gus’s personality and how he always tries to do right be everyone

Date Idea: I would guess that if you were to choose Gus as your Valentine, he would take you to cool museum somewhere. Or a bookstore. But he’d drag you reluctantly round the sci-fi/fantasy section!

♡ 2.Huck from The Little Beach Street Bakery series by Jenny Colgan ♡

I was completely and totally drawn to Huck right from when Polly met him. He’s kinda rough round the edges but he clearly cares a lot for the people he loves. He’s “one of the lads” but not to an annoying point. He also loves Polly for all her insecurities, not despite them. He also cares so much for her pet puffin Neal and it just makes me so happy! (P.s the last book was totally a cliff hanger and I need more).

Date Idea: He’d probably take you out an a boat and you’ve have freshly baked bread with honey on!

♡ 3.Callum from the Noughts and Cross Series by Malorie Blackman ♡

Okay a slightly maybe controversial one? But I cannot deny my love for Callum. He wants nothing but to make the people around him happy, even if that means sacrificing his own happiness. He’s just such an all round nice guy. Well, that’s how I perceive him anyway! *wipes tears away*

Date Idea: You’d go to the beach and relax. Maybe play a few beach sports. Simple but cute. Also ice cream.

♡ 4.Mr Darcy from Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen ♡

Tell me you weren’t expecting this one! I dare you! It’s impossible to not love Mr Darcy and this love comes completely from my mother who introduced me to the book and Colin Firth’s portrayal. He’s a heart throb through and through really, isn’t he? And also quite awkward, which is cute.

Date Idea: If you chose Darcy you’d go horse riding through the forest. Where you will find a lake. And he will climb out in a dripping wet shirt and all will be well in the world.

♡ 5.Marcus from Wing Jones by Katherine Webber ♡

If a hunk is what you’re looking for, look no further than Marcus. Sports star, great kisser and all round great guy. Marcus is super loyal and goes above and beyond to make sure the people around him have everything they need. I also see him as being quite sensitive, which isn’t a bad thing i my opinion. He’d be totally fine with just curling up and watching a soppy film, I feel.

Date Idea: An evening with a picnic. By the sea…and lots of epic kissing. *sighs*

♡ 6.Bernard Marx from Brave New World by Aldous Huxley ♡

Okay another odd one here but but but throughout the whole story, Bernard keeps his head. He is the only one who hasn’t fallen victim to the regime. Which, I’m thinking, in the current political climate, is a very attractive trait to have. He’s also really smart and if you’re looking for a date who will brutally tell you you don’t suit winged eyeliner…Bernard is your guy!

Date Idea: You go to a fancy restaurant and have very intelligent conversation. You smile the whole time because you can see that he can see that he’s super lucky to be on a date with you. (Cheesy but this is the kind of guy he is).

♡ 7.Levi from Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell ♡

I challenge you to read ‘Fangirl’ and not swoon over Levi. Tall, blonde, clumsy and adorable. He loves coffee and books and having a laugh. He is very keen to see the people in his life flourish as much as possible and has a knack for bringing out the best in people.

Date Idea: Bookstore cafe with lots of nice coffee. He’ll be you a cake, because Levi.

♡ 8.Oliver Wood from the Harry Potter series by J.K Rowling ♡

Quidditch heartthrob, proper team player, perfectly lovely guy, what more could you want? I always had a soft spot for film Oliver and book Oliver is so adorable in his dorky, bossy ways. I think you can tell how kind and wary he is that he just wants to his best in everything.

Date Idea: A Quidditch match and a butterbeer, of course.

♡ 9.Ezra Fitz from the Pretty Little Liars series by Sara Shepard ♡

This is more of a TV love than a book love in the sense that I have not read even one of the books but T.V Ezra is perfect (other than being a teacher lol). He’s super smart ad loves to read and write books…AND runs a coffee shop!? PLL makes me sob like no other show.

Date Idea: An independent film and cocktails or a trip to a modern art gallery followed by coffee.

I hope you enjoyed my little list! Let me know who your bookish Valentines are. 

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Thank you lovelies and happy reading! ox









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