‘The Secret Garden’ by Frances Hodgson Burnett- Spoiler Free Review

I read this book as part of my Mum’s Monthly Must Reads challenge. She will recommend me twelve books throughout the year that she loved when she was younger. I wanted to do this because I feel like there are so many books she loved that, when I was younger,  I stuck my nose up at and I’m so excited to dive into the books she loves! 

I remember watching the film, The Secret Garden, when I was a child and I remember loving it but I couldn’t remember any key plot points when I picked the book up. Though, I would say that having those vague memories helped me when reading, the imagine the book more vividly. Without it, I think I might have struggled.

I really liked Mary’s character. She was headstrong, brave and seemed to deal with the beginning situation of the book really well. I do wonder though, whether this made her bitter. Although she is clearly wise beyond her years and can be seen as a great role model to young girls, she does tend to be a little bit harsh! Sometimes she is almost rude but a lot of the time it just makes her more endearing. She doesn’t take rubbish from anyone!

I really loved Dickon and Mary together Mary clearly has a silly crush on him but it’s such a cute and innocent friendship. They both clearly want action and adventure and have a great, great love for the garden. This is why they click so well. When Mary started to talk like hi in his thick Yoimg_20170206_143237_0981rkshire accent it was so sweet. I love how she refuses to change when she is forced to move, until she meets a boy, when she actually changes her entire voice to what she thinks he would like. It shows that no matter how headstrong she might seems, she is the same as any other girl who gets a bit mushy over guys!

As much as I was enjoying the book, the first part did drag. It took me ages to get to page 155 in which it finally started to pick up, when Mary meets Colin. Both these characters end up growing up so much in the book. When the boo hit this point it was pretty fast paced an the mystery and intrigue grew and grew. The resolution is a satisfying one and had me grinning ear to ear.

It is clear throughout the book, that Colin, overall, just wants to please his dad. That no a,matter how complex and interesting these three characters may seem, they are still children. They enjoy nature and animals and just want to get the approval of the adults that care for them. I think this grounds them in reality and makes them particularly inspiring to children (or adults!) who pick up the book.

The book, ultimately,is about having the ability to believe in something bigger than you. Something that might be a bit magical, and that’s okay because you can get through anything.

I’m really glad that I picked this book up and I’m sure my mum is too. She really loves it and I love this gorgeous vintage classics edition. Next up for my Mums Monthly Must Reads challenge, I will be reading Sense and Sensibility and I am very excited!

Rating: ★★★★☆

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Thank you lovelies and happy reading! ox


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