Tag Thursday: The Sims Book Tag!

I was tagged by my wonderful bookish bestie, Kelly to go The Sims Book Tag for this weeks tag thursday and of course, I had to oblige! I really love playing the sims but I don’t have any time to play it right now! Let’s get into the tag…


♢1. The Original Sims – Best Author Debut♢

For this I had to go with my fav book of the moment. Wing Jones by Katherine Webber. It is an impeccable book. It is stunning and hear wrenching and amazing and aaaahh! I can’t quite describe how much I love it. When I remember it’s Katherine’s debut I just cannot believe it. It is such a wonderful book.

♢2. The Grim Reaper – Saddest Character Death♢

I am still not ever this one. Cedric Diggory’s death in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K Rowling hit me like no other. There are loads of deaths that are really upsetting in the HP series but Cedric’s was so…unnecessary. I always think about how he would have reacted to the rest of the events in the book and if he had lived, he definitely would ave coe back fro the battle of hogwarts. When I think about that (or watch the MY BOOOOOOY scene in the film) my heart breaks.

♢3. Sims Getting Stuck – A Character That Got In The Way♢

This is my most recently read book and it sadly, disappointing. The main character in Dramarama by E.Lockhart, Sadye was so annoying! I found myself wishing we could follow any other perspective.

♢4. Simlish – A Book With Amazing Writing♢

For this I had to go for one of my new favourite plays, Pink Mist by Owen Sheers. I absolutely adored this play when I went to see it so I decided to read it afterwards. The play is sprinkled with beautiful metaphors and tells a tragic story with sensitivity but also truth. It was really groundbreaking for me.

♢5. Expansion Packs -A Series Where The Books Keep On Getting Better And Better♢

An obvious answer. The Harry Potter Series by J.K Rowling. Of course.

♢6. Sims Romace – The Worst Case of Insta-Love♢

I don’t remember much about this book other than it was SUPER insta-lovey. The characters, for this reason were really annoying. That book is One Perfect Summer by Paige Toon. I mean, the title kind of gives away how insta-lovey it was!

♢7. Cheats – A Book That Was Entirely Unrealistic♢

I hated Primrose Hill by Helen Falconer when I read it because it was SO unrealistic. It was way too shocking for shocking’s sake and I just didn’t like any aspect of it.

♢8. Needs Fulfilment – A Character That Makes All The Wrong Decisions.♢

I loved this book because the MC was such a doofus. Penny from Christmas At lilac Cottage by Holly Martin makes ALL the wrong decisions and it is absolutely hilarious. I’m a sucker for a mushy contemporary.

♢9. Error Code 12 – A Series That Started Off Great But Went Downhill♢

I remember loving the first part of the bind up of the Queen of Babble series by Meg Cabot but the further I got, the less it impressed me,

♢10. The Sims Vortext – A Book/Series That Completely ♢

My all time fave series, Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman has four books. I read them all in 72 hours.


This was a super fan tag. I’m not sure who has/hasn’t done it so feel free to say you were tagged by me if you want to do it! ❤


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Thank you lovelies and happy reading! ox






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