Afterwards by Claire Hennessy Spoiler Free Review

After reading Claire’s YA novel, Nothing Tastes As Good, I knew I had to get my hands on more. This is one of two titles which will be going up as Epublications in April by Mulcahy books. A perfect bridge before her next novel Like Other Girls comes out later this year! Thank you to Claire for providing me with my copy.

Afterwards tells the story of Claudia, a fourteen year old who struggles with all teen troubles. The book is quite short but the sharp and intense first person narration puts you right in Claudia’s head, you feel and experience everything she does. Despite it’s short length, the story has great detail. I loved how detailed Claudia’s school day was, for example. It made me feel nostalgic for my secondary school days. There’s also a small sprinkling of religion in the book, nothing in your face, it was just there, which I appreciated. It captured what it means to be a fourteen year old girl perfectly and the trials and tribulations that comes with that.

Claudia’s life takes a dramatic turn when her mum leaves…for good this time. The book revolves around how Claudia copes as she tries to step into her mum’s shoes. As you can imagine…it’s not easy.

Throughout my reading experience, I was struck with how strong Claudia was. For a fourteen year  old she’s very resilient, strong and a great leader. She manages to kick her older siblings into gear, takes on cleaning, cooking and the running of the house…all whilst trying to keep up with school and her slightly more adventurous mates.

At times our unreliable narrator shows that no matter how strong you seem, a heartbreak can cause all kinds of damage. It’s a really heart wrenching read about family, friendship and finding strength when it seems hope is lost. What happens to you when the most influential woman in your life seems to disappear?

I really enjoyed reading this because it was so intense. It’s fast moving and develops quickly. The end was super satisfying and I put the book down feeling pleased and content with what had happened. I really loved Claudia she was realistic. She wasn’t perfect and that’s what made her the perfect character to read.

Reminiscent of Jacqueline Wilson It was wonderful and I highly recommend you pick it up when it comes out.It’s length makes it perfect for a long car journey or a free afternoon with a cup of tea. With a strong message for the slightly younger reader, it’s great for adults and kids alike. 

Rating: ★★★★1/2

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Thank you lovelies and happy reading! ox




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