Tag Thursday – The Book Blogger Insider Tag

I was tagged by my beautiful bookish bestie Kelly to do this tag. It seems super cute and fun. Let’s jump into it!

1. Where do you typically write your blog posts?

I usually sit on my bed and write them in my pjs. Or I might quickly get one typed up whilst I have a spare few minutes in the uni library.

2. How long does it generally take you to write a book review?

It probably takes me about an hour to write up my notes and make it as good as I can make it.

3. When did you start your book blog?

My wonderful friend Jemima set up a Book Club on twitter. It’s something I wanted to do for a while and that really kick started me. I’ve never looked back ❤

4. What is the worst thing about having a Book Blog in your opinion?

It can be really hard to keep up with your reviews. I currently have two I need to write up and one ongoing. Its easy to get swamped when you read faster than you review!

5. And the best thing?

Books are something I have always loved and it’s so nice to get to share my love on such an open platform. I’ve also made some friends for life who I love dearly.

6. What blog post have you had the most fun writing?

My Top Seventeen 2017 Releases I’m Excited For post took a really long time to write but I loved it. 2017 is gonna be such a good year for books!!!

7. What is your  favourite blog post to write?

I really like wrap ups so I can reflect on y moth of reading. It’s a really easy way for me to recommend several books at once.

8. When do you typically write?


Whenever I get a spare hour!

9. How do you write your blog posts? Snuggled up with a cup of tea?

I don’t really have any specifics to be honest! Usually sat on my bed after all my university work for the day is done.

10. Do you review every book you read?

I always give a star rating on Goodreads. I review every book I get on Netgalley/from publishers to review (as long as I request it) because to me, that’s just a polite thing to do! I also review any other book I might read if I feel compelled to read it.

11. When do you write your blog posts? Straight after finishing a book?

I take notes as I’m reading a book and that really helps. I will often just let those notes sit in a notebook until i get chance to do the review.

12. How often do you post?

Usually round three times a week. A review, a discussion or something and then a tag. Liable to change though because of university! I often find though, that my blog is somewhere I can relax a bit. It’s my little haven ❤


I hope you enjoyed my tag! I tag Rachel and Lilananbookish! Get to it! 

Follow me on twitter for updates on what I’m reading. Look at the Book Club here or even follow me on snapchat @rosiefreckle to see live updates of my reading.

Thank you lovelies and happy reading! ox





4 thoughts on “Tag Thursday – The Book Blogger Insider Tag

  1. I love this post! I also do a Tag Thursday (probably at different times so we’re safe!) and I might borrow this one for an upcoming version if that’s OK with you!


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