Dramarama by E.Lockhart Spoiler Free Review

This was our Bookclub pick for the month of Feb so thanks to Hot Key Books for providing us all with a copy!

Let me preface this by saying I was so excited for this book! It is every theatre kids dream and I could not wait to dive into the world of a performing arts summer camp. There are musical theatre references galore. This is especially good for fans of ‘Wicked’, this one features a LOT, which I loved!

Something to note a71MWoCLiEHL._AC_UL320_SR208,320_.jpgbout this book is that there are no chapters. You just kind of sink into the story.I personally liked this because it meant that I just flew through the book but, if this doesn’t sound like your thing then I would maybe give this book a miss.

This book is an odd mix of really realistic things and the completely far-fetched. For example, when our protagonist Sadye goes through a particularly disastrous monologue situation, it’s described so realistically. I feel like I had lived that exact experience. I was so excited that the writer has got this so on point. But this didn’
t last long.

Although Sadye’s crippling self doubt was very honest and true, her personality on the whole was quite annoying. I don’t want to spoil the narrative but some aspects of her attitude, especially her professionalism as a performer was, quite frankly, as a drama student, insulting! (sorry).

The book does have a few nods to diversity but it could get away with more, especially because a performing arts summer camp probably has the most eccentric, creative people you could ever meet.

Overall, this book had  lot of potential but it fell flat for me. I wasn’t happy with the overall message it gave, which will become clear if you read the book. I do encourage you to pick it up though. It has a good rating overall so a lot of my issues could have been entirely personal ones!

I honestly thought I would love this book. If you are a theatre kid give this a go. I think this has the potential to be someones fav book ever ever ever, it just wasn’t mine.

Rating: ★★1/2

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Thank you lovelies and happy reading! ox



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