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Camp NaNoWriMo Announcement!

Hello my lovelies!

Yes…you read that correctly. I am doing Camp NaNo!

I have to admit, I have abolutely know idea what I’m doing. Even the website seems really complicated to me but I’m excited to see what the month will bring. So what am I writing? Well…I’m just abotut to come to the end of my BA in Drama and in first year and this year I took a creative writing module and I kind of fell in love with writing? So my current WIP (which I ended up submitting 5,000 words of) is a young adult contemporary novel called As Long as You’re With Me. It focuses on two characters, Robbie and Lila as they struggle through their final year at college before going to university. I am so in love with it!

So I have about 20,000 words so far and I’ve set my goal for CampNaNo to 40,000 meaning I have to write around 1,200 words a day, which I think is doable and by the end I’ll have a (nearly?) complete first draft!

Uni is still intense, I have an essay to submit in a few days and I still have a performance to do and my dissertation to edit but I figured this would be a nice outlet!  No time like the present right?

I’m really excited to see where my story goes especially as I already have a fair chunk.

Have any of you done NaNo before? I need all the help I can get!

My March wrap up will be up soon.

Follow me on twitter for updates on what I’m reading. Look at the Book Club here or even follow me on snapchat @rosiefreckle to see live updates of my reading.

Thank you lovelies and happy reading! ox


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