Why Seeing Your Fave Band in Concert Again is Like Re-reading Your Fave Book…

So on Monday the 10th April I went on a little visit to Birmingham with my blogging buddy and oldest uni friend, Olivia to see You Me At Six…



…You Me At Six have been my favourite band for a long, long time. I remember when I was fourteen I was obsessed with their first album, Take Of Your Colours. It was the first CD I ever bought myself and it feels so nostalgic to me. I know all of their songs off by heart and if I ever want to just listen to music to get stuff done or chill out, I put their work on shuffle and just listen to all their songs. Their music makes me feel really content and comfortable. I can zone in and out of the songs and I feel an instant boost of energy when I hear them. I’ve seen them I think four times now, which is once per album apart from Cavalier Youth, I just missed out on that one for some reason. I saw them twice when I was 15-18 and twice whilst being at university. So I have essentially grown up with them from the age of 14 until now. (The pic is from 2010 – which I think was the first time I saw them? – hence the awful quality.)
26227_372346305652_2631665_n (1)

I’ve never had a bad experience at one of their gigs. I was even lucky enough to meet them all on their like  “kinda comeback tour” last year and it was magical.

Infact…I imagine it feels a lot like when you meet your favourite authors. I mean, authors write books and bands/singers (although it seems like a dyng art these days)  write songs, so they actually aren’t that different, right?

So here are 5 reasons why seeing your fave band in concert again is just like rereading your fave book:

1. Meeting them feels like meeting your fave author: I find it really difficult to pinpoint who my fave author is. J.K Rowling is an obvious contender but Gabrielle Zevin wrote my fave ever book (Elsewhere) and Malorie Blackman wrote my fave ever series (Noughts and Crosses). I have never had the pleasure of meeting these lovely ladies. However, I have met Katherine Webber and Angie Thomas recently and both times I kind of melted into a fangirl…which is really unlike me. When I met the You Me At Six boys I honestly had to hold back the tears. I asked Josh for a hug…which is the cringiest thing ever…but I got that hug and it felt like that was the only way I could shove all of my eternal “thank yous” into one teeny tiny moment. I could never thank them all enough for the joy they brought my life just like I could never thank J.K, Gabrielle or Malorie for the joy (and tears cos…I mean…) they also brought to my life.

2. They both feel homely: I hate crowds. I really hate the feeling of being trapped. However, I have never felt panicked or trapped at a ymas concert. I’ve been right near the front, in the middle ish and on the balcony and each experience has been SO enjoyable, no matter where I have been. I’ve re-read HP and Elsewhere (Im due for a N&C reread) and it has the same feeling of homeliness and comfort to me. It’s just comfy really. If I’m having trouble sleeping, the best thing for me is to stick on the Harry Potter audio books and they send me straight to sleep.

3. You have fave moments in both: The best thing about Elsewhere is the beginning with the Pug. It gets me so excited to read it and go through all the familiar moments. This is exactly the same with some ymas songs. That first riff of Save It For The Bedroom is the best moment and when they played it last week, it was like opening the first page of my fav book all over again. There are also sad moments…but I’m not going to go into those here.

4. You share the exp13902785_10153598318795653_2610141235062584037_neriences: Me and Liv have made this gig deal a thing recently and we’ve been to three together (2 ymas) so far (I really hope this continues post uni, she’s someone I’m desperate to hold on to when I leave) and all the other ymas gigs were with other close friends. If you’re part of a fan base for a band it feels a lot like being in a bookish fan-base. This feels a lot like how I feel about Harry Potter. I share it with my family, my boyfriend, my bookclub and friends and it makes it all so much sweeter.

5. You never get bored of it/them: I cannot count how many times I have read Harry Potter, I do an annual re-read of Elsewhere and I got through all give Noughts and Crosses books in four days. I do not get bored of them, ever. I feel the same excitement every single time I open the pages of the books (or start the audio books). This is the same feeling as when I get hyped for a ymas gig. When I’m waiting for them to come on stage my heart pounds and I get so giddy, just like the feeling of opening that first page. You bookworms get me, right?


I know this is a bit of an odd post, I just felt compelled to write it! I hope you enjoyed it anyway. 

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Thank you lovelies and happy reading! (or listening!) ox


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