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Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games at Bristol Hippodrome – Review

I was so thrilled to be able to go and see Lord of the Dance at Bristol Hippodrome. My fabulous friend won two tickets and invited me along (that’s true theatre friendship right there). I have never seen Lord of the Dance before, I was going in blind and boy was I in for a ride! (All pictures are taken from google and may or may not represent the show I saw.) 

I really didn’t know what I was expected when we sat down and waited for the show to start. Let me tell you…it blew any expectation I had out of the water. There was a narrative of good vs evil, which made for a really epic show. I don’t think I’ve seen such amazing talent live on stage before, it was totally mesmerising. I didn’t fully understand the narrative, but I didn’t really mind. I just trusted the dancers, singers and musicians to carry me through. Yes there was live singing and it was glorious. And live musicians, and they were glorious too. I used to play violin, I know how tough it is but did I dance ever? No! They were wonderful.

My favourite moments by far were the “battle” sce10495000_886787128014819_7946474524707691955_o-1024x683nes where we saw our hero battle a rather grotesque looking robot, cyborg character. They were epic and I mean EPIC. The quality of movement they both had was such a spectacle and I found myself shaking my head in disbelief at how fast they were moving their feet. Accompanied by great music composed by Gerard Fahy, a modern twist was put on the traditional Irish dance that I was bowled over by. Teamed together with Flatley’s choreography and direction, his “Lords” performed an impeccable contemporary take on Irish Dance.

Although the guys’ movements were insane to watch, the women just took my breath away. They were graceful and yet so FIERCE. Erin-Kate Mcilravey stood out to me particularly, owning the stage with a confidence that I can only dream of. Hands down though, my fave character was the Puck-like, whimsical flute player in a shiny bodysuit
. Such beautiful acrobatic movement and they gave the leverage the story needed.

The show had really elablord-of-the-dance-dangerous-games-tour-3-1426587073-view-0.jpgorate costumes (we’re talking anything from gorgeous dresses to robot suits, people). It was so much more than a show, it was a spectacle. We, the audience were invited into a whole other world and it was just wonderful. There was also cool pyrotechnics and a huge screen that helped to set the scene. The screen did malfunction at one point, it happens to the best of us right? As a drama student, I have had my own fair share of tech mishaps. (Eventually it looked like they opted to just turn that part of the screen off).  However, the performers were not phased at all and they oozed utter professional perfectionism as they continued with the impeccable routines that must have taken days and days to make as perfect as they performed them.

Overall, I think it’s a great show an definitely worth the watch if you can catch it on the remainder of its world tour! You can find details here:

I would highly recommend it!

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Thank you lovelies and happy reading! (or you know…dancing?!) ox


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