The Book Blogger Awards! – My Nominations

So Joce over at writethroughthenight has started up some book blog awards which is such a lovely idea! I was really touched when Sarah over at sarahwithersblog nominated me in the ‘Best Aesthetic’ category. I spent a lot of time picking a theme that worked for me so I was really flattered when that hard work was recognised. I think this is a really nice way for us to gush about our faves so I’ve decided to make a few nominations of my own…


YA Blogger:
Bex at myshelfandmyself. She is a one stop shop for all things YA from new releases to old faves you can always count on her to bring you the best of YA fiction!


A Bit of Everything:
Sarah at sarahwithersblog because she has such a great mix of content and doesn’t limit her blog to just talking about books, which I really appreciate.

Aoife at prettypurplepolkadots. Aoife blogs about everything she reads, not just YA. So I know, whichever genre of book I’m looking for, I can count on her for a decent rec or two…or three…or four…


Best Reviews:
Maddie and Bee from heartfullofbooks give the best and most honest reviews I have seen. They don’t follow the crowd and are not afraid to call out a book for bad rep. They are such lovely girls and their blog (and booktube) are a frequent info source of mine.


Master of the Weekly Features:
Mel at thebookmoo. Mel is one of my best bookish buddies and her blog is the best for these kinds of posts (which I love but I suck at keeping up with them). I sit and read through every single one and she’s to blame for a lot of my TBR. She also has a bookish newsletter so! She’s wonderful.


Liliana at liliananbookish. I really enjoy Liliana’s blog because interwoven with great content our little discussions which are always a compelling read. She’s a super lovely girl too!


Most Engaged:
Rachel at 100-or-less is a super busy bookworm. She has a great blog, she writes for a zine and even runs a twitter chat! #SundayYA is always a fun time and she spends a lot of time and effort organising and running it. She is super woman!


Best Blog Aesthetic:
Pippa at littlebookowl has the most beautiful blog I have ever seen! The sunset banner photo she has is so lovely to look at and her entire blog is really neat  and tidy. I am very envious!


Rachel at racheyragdoll is another bookish bestie of mine. I adore everything about her. I can always count on her for good recs and she’s an all round great person.

Nadia from wordsbeneaththewings is a wonderful woman. Her tweets about uni are way too relatable and she’s great for diverse reading recs!


Best Friend:
Kelly from kellysramblings is one of my closest friends. We’ve met a couple of times and we talk everyday. We have really similar book tastes and we’re constantly recommending books to one another. I can go to her for anything and I love her with all my heart ❤ Oh and her blog is amazing! It’s pretty, has great content and a great range of posts! Yay!


Best Overall Blogger:
Maddie and Bee at heartfullofbooks and Kelly from kellysramblings – for the reasons I said above…two absolutely amazing book blogs!


So there you have it! These are my nominations for the Book Blogger awards. If you want to get involved, be sure to go to Joce’s blog and follow the instructions…but quick…you only have a couple of days!

Thanks again to Sarah for nominating me!

Follow me on twitter for updates on what I’m reading. Look at the Book Club here or even follow me on snapchat @rosiefreckle to see live updates of my reading.

Thank you lovelies and happy reading! ox







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