My Top 10 Booktubers!

As a book lover, I spend a LOT of time on Booktube. With youtube messing people around so much recently, I decided to shed some light in my Top 10 Booktubers! These are in order with number one being my all time favourite so let’s get into it! 


10. Rose Mannering from RoseReads:

I really enjoy Rose’s videos. She’s a published author too which is really exciting! She has such a calming influence on me and she recommends all different kinds of books. Every time I watch a book haul of hers, I add at least a couple of books to my ever-growing tbr! We also have similar tastes on some books so I love hearing her recommendations.


9. Whitney Atkinson from WhittyNovels:

The thing I love most about Whitney is how REAL she is. She’s so honest and funny and I really appreciate how she acknowledges her own privilege as a reader. I really enjoy her readathon vlogs and I love how much her reading taste has grown over the past few years. I love how she doesn’t take herself too seriously but still works super hard.


8. R.G from R.GsDevilship:

I really love R.G’s channel because she does not touch YA or kid lit and does not apologise for it. I really appreciate booktubers that don’t just read and review what’s popular at the moment. I don’t think I’ve have ever seen her talk about a new release and I love that. If you want more alternative/creepy/adult recs, she is your girl!


7. Jen from Jen Campbell:

If you go to Jen’s channel you’ll find a little bit of everything from reviews, discussions, writing videos and book talks. She doesn’t really review popular YA but that’s something I love about her channel. She speaks up for the causes she believes in and is such a wonderfully creative person. She’s a published author too so she can really put some great insight into that side of the bookish world.


6. Emma from EmmaBooks:

Emma is where I go for all things YA, especially YA with themes surrounding mental illness. I can always count on her for amazing recommendations and her videos are always entertaining an informative. Also her makeup is always ON POINT, which has nothing to do with books or her content but it’s a thing.


5. Jean from JeansBookishThoughts:

Jean is a PHD student who works a lot around literature from antiquity and as far as I can see, she’s unique in this. I really enjoy her videos and love how she doesn’t just read and review what’s popular as such, more what she genuinely believes her viewers would like. She also touches on politics and social causes so you can can guarantee that any video she uploads, will be an entertaining one.


4. Charley from DuvetDayDevours:

The main thing I love about Charley’s channel is her HUGE book hauls and by huge I mean half an hour long. Her reading tastes are so wide that you can guarantee you’ll see some graphic novels, some YA contemp, a thriller or two and some adult books. Her videos are so relaxed and real and her really passion and love for books shines through her work.


3. Lauren from ReadsAndDaydreams:

Lauren’s videos always make me smile and she speaks about a whole range of books. I really enjoy her chatty videos and love how honest she is. I just love her personality. She also talks about Shakespeare and theatre, so that’s a bonus for me!


2. Maddie and Bee from Heartfulofbooks:

Whenever I see a Maddie and Bee video pop up in my notifications I just have to watch it straight away, Queens of the occasional middle grade, YA and a few classics, I absolutely love watching their videos. Their wrap ups have SO many books in that you find your TBR growing 5/6 books at a time! They are not afraid to call out problematic popular YA like so many YA booktubers are. They are wonderful in every way.


1. Kayla from Booksandlala:

I ADORE Kayla’s videos. Every single one. Her vids are so polished and organised and she spend so much time on them. I particularly like her closet unhauls and readathon vlogs. She’s really funny and sarcastic which I appreciate. She often does long videos which I personally love and I trust her recommendations/reviews totally.


So there you have it, my fav booktubers! Have you heard of or watched any of these? Let me know!

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Thank you lovelies and happy reading and watching! ox


3 thoughts on “My Top 10 Booktubers!

  1. I must live under a rock because I haven’t heard of booktubers, but I will be checking these out. Thanks for the information!


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