Series Crackdown Readathon Announcement + TBR

So my lovely bookish buddy Mel is doing a readathon and as I’m on a little break now university is over, I decided to take part!…

The Readathon takes place on the 26th of May until the 4th of June with sprints happening every day on the Twitter account happening every day at 7pm BST!

You can choose to either finish a series or start a new one like me!

So what am I reading? If you’ve been following my blog from the begiining you’ll kmow that I’m also doing a year long challenge where I read a bookl recommended by my mum. May and June’s is the Twins at St Clares series by Enid Blyton, so this seemed like a natural choice!

Here is my official TBR pic (featuring Chip!):


I’m going into the series slightly blind but it seems like it’s gonna be so much fun! Just look at those colours! The covers are really cute too, be sure to follow my snapchat: rosiefreckle to see them all.

Will you be taking part?

What will you be reading!

I’ll be hosting my own sprint on Thursday the 6th of June so make sure you follow the twitter too!

I am so excited to dive in to a brand new series that my mum loves.

Follow me on twitter for updates on what I’m reading. Look at the Book Club here or even follow me on snapchat @rosiefreckle to see live updates of my reading.

Thank you lovelies and happy reading! ox


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