May Book Haul!

I got my hands on some great books this month! Some I bought and some I was sent. It’s a lot more modest than my last month’s haul! Nonetheless, I love all the books so let’s get into it…

Goodbye Days by Jeff Zentner (Andersen Press 2017): When Katherine Webber recommended me this on Twitter, I knew I just KNEW I had to get it. I really want to read it this month if I can! From the synopsis, it sounds like this will be a book about finding a healthy way to deal with grief. Better bring the tissues!

Broken Branches by M. Jonathan Lee (Hideaway Fall 2017): I was kind enough to be sent a copy of this by the publisher! From the blurb it sounds like a thriller revolving around a family curse? So it’s completely different to anything I have read before! It sounds really interesting and it’s getting really positive reviews so far. I really like the design of the book and think a cosy rainy evening is the perfect time to dive in.

Another Place by Matthew Crow (Atom Books 2017): I requested this and was kind enough to be sent an ARC copy from the publisher. The cover is AMAZING and kind of reminds me of Tangled which is one of my fav films and on the back it says “for fans of 13 Reasons Why” which is one of my fav books so I think me and this book are going to be very good friends. It focuses on a huge secret, a disappearance of a girl and a seaside town. This has just been boosted right to the top of my TBR!

The Twins at St Clares Series by Enid Blyton (Egmont Press 2016 – Original publication 1942): My mum recommended me this series for my Mum’s Must Read blog challenge and with the Series Crackdown Readathon on the horizon, it made sense! I got all 9 books off amazon used and new for £12 and they came still in he plastic wrap! So I was chuffed with that. I’m halfway through the series, which also includes three approved sequels (?!) and I’m enjoying the books so far. I plan to basically sandwich them so read one between another book until I reach the end.


So there you have it! These are all the lovely books I got in May! I can’t wait to get to them all.

What book do you think I should pick up first? Have you read any of them? Are any of them on your TBR?

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Thank you lovelies and happy reading! ox


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