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A Little Life Update

So a LOT has happened in the past few months and I thought it’d be fun to sit down and have a chat all about it…

In University Life…

So, university is over. Done. (Well apart from graduation) and I am SO pleased to say I will be graduating with a FIRST CLASS HONOURS DEGREE in Drama. I am so thrilled. It’s been a long three years. When I first moved into halls in 2014 I told myself I would whole-heartedly devote every waking moment to working on doing the best I could in my degree…but this didn’t really happen. I got a part time job in the summer of my first year, took up singing lessons and choir, did some volunteering and so much other stuff. I am so glad I managed to balance all of these things and still work as hard as possible. I got a first in my dissertation (My title, if you’re wondering was ‘Drama Behind Bars: An Evalutaton of Different Approaches to Drama in Prison and its Impact on Participant’s Lives and Society.’ ) which was a great achievement and one of my proudest moments for sure! Please don’t ask me what my current plans are, stuff has been flipped on its head recently! For now, I’m just going with a flow and seeing what the future brings…besides I have plenty of stuff to be getting on with in the mean time…



In Writing Life…

So…I’m writing a book! Or should I say…WE are writing a book. Me and my author buddy Josh Baldwin are writing a book for his publishing house Noctis Books. I’m not going to spoil anything right now but I can tell you we’re writing the kind of book we both would want to read and we’re both SO excited for it. It’s been a little dream of mine to have my name on the front of a book and this is a little step closer to becoming a reality!


In Blogging Life…

I am ABSOLUTELY loving blogging at the moment! I fee like I’m really starting to find my own style and flow with it and it’s so nice to have been noticed by a few of my favs in the community. I am also super close to hitting 100 followers on here which is SO crazy and I’m really thankful! That might seem like a small number but I never thought I’d even get like 10 readers, so!

In Reading Life…

I just finished my 46th book of 2017 and I am finding so many new all time faves! I’m broadening my tastes a little bit which is shown by how I just finished reading a YA sci-fi thriller and I’m currently reading a classic, some non-fiction and a CHUNKY adult lit. It’s really fun! I need to stop requesting on Netgalley though, my appalling approval rate seems to make no difference at all. Keep and eye on my monthly wrap up posts to see all my thoughts on the books I have read so far this year!

In My Personal Life…

One of the biggest moments in my life is that eight weeks ago I became an auntie again to a beautiful baby boy and I am SO in love all over again. I’ve been really enjoying quality time with friends, family and the boyf. I’m loving doing my part time job and reading and writing and just kind of…waiting for everything to fall into place. I have accepted that I kind of have no control and I just have to roll with the punches!




So there is my little life update! Thank you for reading. I am so excited to see what the future brings and bring on graduation!

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Thank you lovelies and happy reading! ox


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