The Mid-Year Book Freakout Tag!

I was tagged by the wonderful, amazing Maddie and Bee from Heartfulofbooks on their youtube channel to do this tag and I’ve been reading/watching loads of these so I just knew I couldn’t turn down their tag…so let’s get into it!…


1. The Best Book of the Year So Far:

This HAS to go to the amazing Wing Jones by Katherine Webber. I read it right at the beginning of the year and I absolutely loved it. I have never read a book that captures the love a girl has for her older brother more than this book, it also has a great romance, a great main character and even a stunning cover. As a reader, you could not ask for anything more and we’re half way through the year and no book has overtook my love for this one. (Though some have come pretty darn close!)

2. The Best Sequel of the Year So Far:

I have to give this to The Golden Braid by Melanie Dickerson, which is book six of seven (so far) of her Hagenheim Christian Historic Fairytale Retelling series. I’ve given five stars to all the books in the series but this gets best sequel because it’s a Rapunzel retelling! I love Rapunzel/Tangled so much and this is a really clever/intricate retelling. I love her writing oh so much.

3. A New Release You Haven’t Read Yet But Want To:

I put Freshers by Lucy Ivision and Tom Ellen in my 17 2017 Releases I’m Excited to Read post and it comes out so so soon and I am so excited to pick it up! I recently finished university and I am so excited to re-live Freshers year by reading this book and I have heard nothing but good things from people who have got their hands on early copies.

4. Most Anticipated Release for Autumn/Winter:

I fell in love with Jay Kristoff’s Nevernight last year and I CANNOT WAIT for the Sequel, Godsgrave to come out in a few months. I love following Mia and her sassy shadowcat Mr Kindly through a boarding school for assassins and I am so excited to see what comes next!

5. Your Biggest Disappointment of the Year So Far:

When I read the synopsis of The Lonely Hearts Hotel by Heather O’Neill I was SO excited to read it but..the book was nothing like the summary. If you want to read my in-depth thoughts, you can check out my review here.

6. Your Biggest Surprise of the Year So Far:

Want by Cindy Pon had so much hype around it that I knew I had to pick it up, despite the fact that I barely ever read science fiction and guys, I LOVED it and it comes a VERY close second behind Wing Jones. It is absolutely fantastic and I love everything about it but specifically the setting of Taiwan, I have never read a book set there before. Such a good, massively diverse read.

7. Your New Favourite Author:

Let me tell you, Angie Thomas is a phenomenal person. I’ve met her twice this yar and she is an absolute doll and a complete inspiration. Her book, The Hate U Give is so incredible and I just cannot wait to see what she writes next, she really is one to watch.

8. Your Newest Favourite Character:

I really love Dimple from When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon. She’s smart, funny and kind and I flew through her romance with Rishi. I loved learning about her culture and family and following her through her academic hi-jinks!

9. Your Newest Fictional Crush:

This may or may not be more to do with the fact that he is played by Eddie Redmayne but I just adore Newt Schamander from the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them – The Original Screenplay by J.K Rowling. He is dorky and funny and caring and brave and creative and just…yep. I can’t wait for the next film!

10. A Book That Has Made You Cry:

Red Sister by Mark Lawrence isn’t a particularly sad book, it’s a flippin’ bad ass book actually! However, for the some reason, the end just got me. My boyf recommended it to me and I borrowed his copy and our reading tastes could not be more opposite so I was worried that I wouldn’t like it. There was just something about the end and how intense it was that it just kind of broke me. I just remember finishing it, and turning to my boyfriend, saying “It is done.” and promptly bursting into a flood of tears. *Shrugs*.

11. A Book That Has Made You Happy:

My second book of the year was A Quiet Kind of Thunder by Sara Barnard and I loved it. It’s a great romance between a selectively ute and deaf main character. It made me smile because it focuses a lot on the theme of self-acception. The story has twists and turns and it made me feel all fluffy inside. I NEED to get to Beautiful Broken Things ASAP and I can’t wait to see what Sara comes out with next.

12. The Most Beautiful Book of the Year So Far:

The only repetition in this tag but it just has to go to Wing Jones by Katherine Webber. Not only is the inside of the book wonderful, the outside is too! Gorgeous cover and amazing sprayed edges, what more could you ask for?

13. Some Books You Need to Read Before 2017 Ends:

I decided to choose three books I really need to get to before the year is up, The first of these is Caraval by Stepanie Garber. It came out right at the start of the year and I have a signed copy but I just…haven’t got to it yet! The second book is one I’ve already mentioned and that is Sara Barnard’s debut, Beautiful Broken Things. I can’t wait to get to it and it has a character called Rosie…so….you know. I also DESPERATELY need to read The Handmaid’s Tale!!

14. Tag Two of Your Favourite Community Members:

I decided to pick somone I’ve loved for a long time and a new bookish buddy to mix it up a bit. So first off I tag my fav bookish person Kelly. She’s wonderful (and actually gifted me the signed Caraval) and I am excited to read her answers to this! I’m also going to tag Meri who is a new bookish buddy who I would love to see do this tag!

So there is my take on the Mid Year Book Freakout Tag! What do you think of my answers? What has been your best book of the year so far? 

Let me know down below!

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Thank you lovelies and happy reading! ox




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