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What Harry Potter Means To Me

Not a day goes by where the word of Harry Potter doesn’t impact my day in some way whether its by watching a film, putting the audiobook on, listening to the music, talking about it, wearing some merch or just snuggling in bed with m Gryffindor pillow, it literally effects my daily life. I believe it’s had a huge effect on making me and even opening me up to so many opportunities, so, on the 20th anniversary of the release of the Philosopher’s Stone, I decided to try and sum up just how much this series means to me. 

It’s hard to pinpoint the exact moment I was first introduced to the world of Harry Potter. I just kind of remember it always being there? I remember playing the first cassette tape, I remember us reading the first book in year 7 and I remember going to the cinema to see the film and stroking a real owl there. For me, it’s just something that has always been there. The first book came out when I was three years old. I do have a distinct memory of going to church in my Hogwarts cloak, which I’m sure went down an absolute treat!

Firstly, I share my love of Potter with pretty much my entire family. My dad even enjoys them now. Our visits to the Harry Potter Studio Tour are some of my fondest memories. Me and mum in particular have bonded over the film but even ore so the MUSIC. The music is absolutely incredible. We always have it on in the car and we even want to a live concert performance. We play Harry Potter board games at Christmas and always watch at least one film when I’m home. Both me and my mum are constantly gifting eachother Harry Potter merch and nothing makes me happier than when we sit and talk about the stories together.



I have been listening to the audiobooks for as long as I can remember. On and of every night I stick on on to sleep because it just feels so homely to me. We went from having the tapes, to the CDS (boy where they both a faff) and now me, my mum and brother just have them on our desktop on our computers. f I ever feel worried about something, putting the books on helps me to relax because I know them so well now, I don’t even need to listen. I can just…be, with them playing in the background.

I was roughly the same age as harry as the films came out and so they had a profound effect on my childhood. Harry Potter teaches us so much from the importance of being ourselves, to the value of friendship. Most of all though, it helps people to cope. Harry survives abuse at the hand of his Aunt and Uncle and Dumbeldore teaches us that “Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of time, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” Not only that but Dementors, the symbol of darkness and depression, are defeated when you think of your happiness memory. Above all, the stories teach us that good will eventually triumph over evil but everything is never as black and white as it seems.

I really don’t think I’m quite articulating my love for this series enough but I know for a fact, without it, I wouldn’t be who I am today. Growing up in Secondary School, I saw myself a lot in Hermione. I loved books and I was a bit of a know it all but the stories taught me to be myself no matter what, this is probably why I identify with being a Gryffindor so much. I never let go of that and now I’m more of a reader than I ever was and I’ll be graduating with a first class degree. Without the influence of Rowling’s writing, I would want to be a writer myself, a dream that is a little closer to coming true. But another huge aspect that has a massive effect on me is friendship. The stories of Potter and his friends create bonds like no other and I have them to thank for the frendships I have made, most notably, the wonderful Book Club girls. we originally bonded over a Potter marathon and to this day we don’t go 24 hours without mentioning Potter somewhere.

So if I came face to face with J.K right now, what would I say? I’d thank her. I’d thank her not only for giving me a home away from home, some escapism from the big scary world but also for giving the people I love around me so much joy and happiness. It’s impossible to accurately put into words just how much it means to me because it’s part of my very being, a huge part of my life and soul. I think it will always have a huge influence on me. Hearing that twinkling melody, dum dummm dum dum dummm dum dummmm dummmmm sends shivers down my spine in exactly the same way it always did and I will forever be in love with the world of Harry Potter. My mum’s happiness (sat on Hogwarts Express) on her face below just gives me life and it’s THAT feeling that helps me know that Hogwarts will always be there to welcome me home.






Happy anniversary, Harry and thank you for everything. 

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Thank you lovelies and happy reading! ox








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