The Girl From Everywhere Duology by Heidi Heilig – Spoiler Free Review

Me and my wonderful Book Club girls were sent finished copies of this duology for review from Hot Key Books so a huge thank you to them! Some of us love is but I admittedly, lie somewhere in the middle. I didn’t love it, I didn’t hate it. So let’s get into the review…

The premise of these books is so exciting. Time travelling pirates? Yes please! The duology features Nix, a sixteen year old head strong, determined and fantastic girl who travels the world and the timeline with her dad on board a ship. In the first book we meet a great cast of characters with questionable morals that will leave you wanting to keep turning the pages. The first book is full of action and adventure as we focus on the idea that if you change the pass, how does it effect the future?

One thing this duology really has going for it is its diversity. The main focus of this book is own voices from Hawaii, where Heidi herself grew up and the idea of indigenous culture, which is something that as a white millennial, I have never come across in a book before. I really appreciate that.

The second book looks more at how far you would go for the person you love as Nix tries to learn her craft of navigating a bit more. Heidi is great at crafting great twists throughout the action that keeps you turning the page and the description of these scenes is so good!

One thing I really liked about these books is how effortless Heidi’s writing style is. Whenever I picked up the books I just instantly sunk back into the story, which is something, as a reader, that I really like. I was so ready for the premise to hook me and even though a lot of the elements e.g Kash and Nix together and the Nix’s dynamics with her father, for some reason, there was just something missing from these books for me.





When you read a book you want to look forward to the moments you get to pick it up again and I didn’t get this from these books. I think I hyped the premise up so much that the story just fell flat for me. Personally, there was so much Hedi could have done with the plot and what she did do was kind of foggy and confusing. I think this is more down to the fact that time travel is a really hard trope to get right. There was just something missing.

That being said, I do think (and know) there’s people out there that LOVE these books so don’t let my “meh” opinion put you off. I will definitely be picking up whatever Heidi does next just these books in particularly weren’t for me.

A slight miss for me but I’m excited to see what’s next from Heidi.

Rating: ★★★

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Thank you lovelies and happy reading! ox


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