My Problems With The Marauders

Don’t get me wrong, I’m as big a Harry Potter fan as anyone else. I love the Marauders (I mean, except Pettigrew) for a lot of reasons, but I also have a fair few problems. Whether it be film or book, every time I go back to the stories I discover more issues so I thought I’d do a post all about it…*DISCLAIMER: This is just my opinion, I still love the books and these characters, I just wanted to record my thoughts on this topic. Feel free to discuss with me below! Oh, and there will be spoilers…obviously*

Peter ‘Wormtail’ Pettigrew:

Okay this one is obvious but I had to put him in. He’ just pure evil really isn’t he? No one likes him. NO ONE. Okay now let’s get into the actual post…

Remus ‘Moony’ Lupin:

I love Lupin as much as the next person. Being a werewolf has for sure dealt him a rather rubbish hand. He is the best Defence Against The Dark Arts Teacher in the book series as he actually teaches the students useful skills like how to defend themselves against a Boggart and of course him teaching Harry how to conjure up a Patronus is a iconic moment in the stories. This is what gets me thinking about Lupin, though. To effectively defeat a Dementor, you have to think of your most astronomically happy memory.

At this point in the story, we are in book three and Harry is thirteen years old and he struggles to find such a memory. Lupin knows all that went on all those years ago with Harry’s parents, because it all comes out at the end of the books. At this point, Harry has been in a living hell for thirteen years at the Dursley’s and has known about the Wizarding World for two years and yet Lupin has never made himself known to Harry. Not even an owl to introduce himself. I kind of see Lupin as the Uncle that Harry never had and I think, and this is more a problem with the books itself, that meeting him for the first time on the train to Hogwarts in book 3 as a teacher and then suddenly, he knows everything about Harry’s life, was a bit much. I can’t help wondering if Harry thought “you couldn’t have told me this two years a


go?”. Maybe Lupin had a good reason, maybe he wanted to keep out of the way, maybe he didn’t feel comfortable but still, I think it was unfair to leave Harry in the dark like that. Or maybe his reason for keeping a distance was as simple as not having adequate access to the Wolfsbane potion? Which, when he works at Hogwarts, he gets on tap from Snape. Which, incidentally, brings me onto my next point. The whole issue of Pettigrew escaping would have been solved if Lupin just REMEMBERED TO TAKE HIS WOLFSBANE POTION THAT NIGHT. Granted, a lot of good stuff wouldn’t have happened either but…Pettigrew wouldn’t have escaped which would have delayed Voldemort coming back (meaning Cedric would have lived) and Harry could have gone to live with Sirius, as he wouldn’t have needed to go on the run with Buckbeak. This was Lupin’s second chance to improve Harry’s life and he fails again. The final issue I have with Lupin rears its ugly head in book seven. This theme will crop up with Sirius too but I often find that they are reluctant to let go of the past. I book seven, when Harry, Ron and Hermione are hiding at Number 12 Grimmauld Place, Lupin makes an appearance. He practically begs them to to join in on their “adventure” leaving a pregnant Tonks behind. I really hate this part of the book. You can see how much it effects Harry in the book and rightly so. What does Lupin think he’s playing at?! I get that he might be insecure and worried about bringing a child into his life, but abandoning your pregnant wife really isn’t the answer here and it sets a really bad example to Harry! Thankfully, he chooses a relatively quiet adult life. This part of the story, I really can’t shake off and it honestly makes me really angry.

Sirius ‘Padfoot’ Black:


A common theme with the Maruraders is that they all have a pretty shocking upbringing. Sirius is no exception. He doesn’t fit in with his family, and is in constant completion with his brother, Regulus (who, kind of does more to defeat Lord V than Sirius does, just saying). This sounds familiar right? It’s pretty much the exact situation as Harry, who doesn’t fit in with the Dursley’s and is in constant competition with Dudley. Therefore, Sirius should know better than anyone who Harry feels and yet, other than showing him the love of a father figure, which no one can deny of him, he doesn’t do a great deal of good for Harry. Of course, he couldn’t make himself known to Harry prior to when we meet him in book three, because he’s on the run so he gets a free pass there. However, he does Harry a great disservice by promising him too much at the end of P.O.A. Harry is desperate for an inclining of a family, and when, at the end of P.O.A (right before Lupin transforms) Sirius says that now they have Pettigrew (who they actually haven’t even handed over yet), Harry can go and live with him and even says in the film “I understand if you want to stay with your Aunt and Uncle” which makes no sense because I’m sure that he would know how horrific they are to Harry. This, essentially, is just promising too much too soon. There was no guarantee that handing Pettigrew over would warrant Sirius as a free man, yet he offers Harry a home and a family, which is something he has always craved, s

sirius-blackomething which Sirius, in reality, was never able to offer him. The next issue I have with Sirius is that he wouldn’t let Harry just be Harry. He is constantly comparing him to his father, which is great but that’s something Harry is never going to experience, so why do it. He even refers to Harry as James mistakenly, which must be so hard for Harry to deal with. There is no denying that Sirius completely loves his Godson, I’m not debating that, but at times in the books it actually has more of a negative effect than a positive. Similarly to Lupin, it seems like Sirius cannot move on from the past. Although I sympathise with him feeling trapped in book 5, there wasn’t really any need for him to be at the ministry, was it a risk worth taking and getting caught? If he had stayed at Grimmauld Place, he wouldn’t have died. Bellatrix got away with Voldemort anyway so it really was such a heartbreaking waste to Harry and to the reader. Sirius represented a certain air of hope that Harry was once again denied. Sirius also goes along with James’ bullying of Snape, which Lupin actually does a pretty good job of staying out of. I get the whole “boys will be boys” mentality and that people grow and change and redemption is possible but I can’t shake off the sadness I feel for Snape during the Occlumency scene in the film and the book.

James ‘Prongs’ Potter:

I feel like if James was a separate character as is, a teenage boy bullying another school mate, we wouldn’t forgive him but because he is Harry Potter’s Dad, a lot of people say to me that I can’t dislike him in any way. But let’s be real, he bullies Snape. We see only a snapshot, who knows what else he does? Plenty of people haven’t forgiven Malfoy for how much of a bully he is, but we don’t HAVE to see James and go


od, just because he’s James. It’s okay to not like him, he isn’t perfect and was probably never meant to be. Harry isn’t perfect either. Especially in the film scene, I just can’t get his smug face out of my head and imagine how awful he makes Snape feel. Was it down to jealousy? Possible. But that isn’t an excuse either. There’s a theory that Harry’s granddad, last name Fleamont was picked on at Hogwarts, so he really should have known better.  Also, the Potter’s knew they were under threat from an attack from Voldemort. WHY did James not have his WAND on him 24/7!? I mean granted we’d have no story if he had never died, but still. He might not have been able to save himself if he has his wand but it says in the book that he throw his wand on the sofa? That just seems so casual to me? I love James, I just don’t particularly like him very much.


So there you have it! My problems with the Maruaders. I would love to hear your thoughts on this too! Please know this is merely just in jest and theories of my own, don’t take it too seriously! Do you agree with anything I said? If not, why? Let’s have a good old chat.



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Thank you lovelies and happy reading! ox



11 thoughts on “My Problems With The Marauders

  1. I have to admit, I haven’t ever read or watched any Harry Potter films/books but I still really enjoyed reading this post, your style of writing is brilliant and although I don’t know the characters I still had a great insight into them and your thoughts on them and the book, well done Rosie, an excellent post 🙂 xxxx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo


  2. I definitely have problems with James Potter. If it weren’t for Lily, he’d have been a bully his entire life.
    And Sirius always bothers me. I love him, but I just can’t stand how he treats Snape. Sirius feels like a bully to me.

    I think Lupin is a shy person, and really struggled interacting with Harry and anyone else. Lily showed him Kindness and helped him feel accepted. One gets the impression that most of the wizarding world treated him terribly. He probably doesn’t know how to approach Harry or anyone, without encouragement. And yes, I get frustrated with him in Deathly Hallows. Fear makes people decide terrible things. Lupin is terrified that his child will experience the same rejection he has always felt. He probably thought his child would be better off with him dead, without a werewolf in his life. Not the best thinking, but again fear tormented him.


  3. I think Rowling makes it pretty clear that James Potter is a bit of a bully or at least too cocky and full of himself. However, I know many people who started out as teenagers who were thought to be “bad news” and at some point they got their act together and grew up. I like to think that, instead of hating James for his past as Snape does, we’re supposed to be able to acknowledge that James, like every human, has flaws but he was also able to overcome them. That’s pretty powerful.

    Rowling makes it pretty clear, too, that Sirius isn’t much of an adult. He’s living in the past, likes to take risks, and seems to think, as you mention, that Harry is a new version of James. Ultimately, he’s too eager to take risks and not very responsible. He’s lovable and he loves Harry and that means a lot. But perhaps not someone you’d want to be a child’s guardian.

    I’m not really sure why Lupin doesn’t go to Harry when he’s with the Dursleys, but the reality is no one does. Not Hagrid. Not McGonagall even though she knows where Harry lives. (Does anyone else actually know where Harry is or did Dumbledore make this a secret to protect him?) I also wonder if Lupin was living a normal life all those years or if he was kind of in hiding/not going out much because he’s a werewolf. Do we know anything about what he was doing?

    Unfortunately, however, I’m not sure Harry could have gone to live with Sirius even if he had taken the potion. Would that have made the protective spell wear off? Or could Harry just have visited the Dursleys for a few days each year and still lived with Sirius?


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