I Finished Gilmore Girls And I Have A Lot Of Feelings So I Did The Gilmore Girls Tag

There is now a big Gilmore Girls shaped hole in my life so I did this book tag to keep the magic going!

  1. Do you own the collection? No, I watched it all on Netflix! Might add the boxset to my birthday list though.
  2. What was your first introduction to Gilmore Girls? I saw my wonderful uni friend Freya talking about it on twitter. Saw a GIF of Lorelai needing coffee and I was sold.
  3. Dave or Zack? DAVE. Zack is a pain.
  4. Who is your favourite character and why? I really do love Rory with all my heart. We have a lot in common and I relate to her a lot.
  5. Lorelai or Rory? Rory. Though I do love Lorelai!
  6. Team Dean, Jess or Logan? Why? Jess. I love him so so so much. He really seems to actually CARE for Rory as opposed to  Logan who treat her more as an accessory and Dean who was just a bit useless.
  7. How many books have you read from Rorys Reading List? Looks like I’ve read about 10% but what an amazing list!
  8. Would you rather only be allowed to drink coffee or never eat pop tarts again? Never eat poptarts! There is more caffeine than blood running through my veins.
  9. Who is your least favourite character? Honestly I think it’s Christopher, he has so many issues. Also TJ was ANNOYING.
  10. Are you Team Christopher or Team Luke? Team Luke obviously. Is ANYONE ream Christopher?!
  11. Who would win in a fight between Mrs Kim and Taylor? Mrs Kim for sure, such a fierce lady!
  12. Who would spread the fastest rumour, Miss Patty or Babette? Probably Miss Patty!
  13. If you could have dinner with any cast member who would it be? Probably Lauren Graham, I have already decided that I am going to get her book with my next audible credit! I honestly cannot get enough of her.

Image result for lorelai coffee gif

So there we have the Gilmore Girls Tag! Have you seen Gilmore Girls? Let me know! 

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Thank you lovelies and happy reading! ox

12 thoughts on “I Finished Gilmore Girls And I Have A Lot Of Feelings So I Did The Gilmore Girls Tag

  1. Mrs Kim was downright terrifying… 😀
    I loved this series a lot. I think i never actually watched the last season… i guess i need to re-watch the whole thing now!


  2. I do have a friend who is Team Christopher and I told her she has terrible taste in men. She was also Team Logan. ’nuff said. I forgave her though. Some day she’ll appreciate Team Jess. Some day… Love this tag. Thanks for sharing. Gilmore Girls forever!!


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