#SixForSunday – Dream Panels

Six For Sunday is a weekly topic hosted by the ever wonderful Steph. This is such a great topic and I’m excited to read everyone else’s answers! I love bookish events and panels and I have a few dream panels to discuss:

1. Shakespeare Today

I would love to see this as a panel! I would bring a few authors who write Shakespeare retellings today. This is one I would personally really love to chair. I would invite Amber Elby who writes a fantasy series set in a fictional Shakespeare world where all the characters exist in the same timeline, Robin Talley who wrote a Macbeth retelling and Molly Booth who rights LGBT books based on or retelling Shakespeare. We could talk about how they created their stories, why they love Shakespeare and where they see their style of literature going in the future.

2. Drama & Theatre In YA

This is another one I would absolutely love to chair! I love any book about Drama and or Theatre in YA and its a real dream to see this panel happen. I would invite Perdita and Honor Cargill who wrote a comedy series about a girl trying to make it as a movie actress, Maggie Harcourt who wrote a YA book that was basically a love letter to the backstage crew and Rhian Ivory who wrote a book about a girl who’s desperate to get into Drama School. We could talk about why they wrote books about the arts, why this crossover is important and their future projects (because I love these authors and I’m nosy to see what they are due to do next).

3. J.K Rowling In Conversation With Katherine Webber

As much as I adore Katie’s books, I also love her as an event chair. Imagine how amazing this would be. It would be so amazing to see J.K Rowling in the flesh talking about her amazing stories. It’s also really weird to think that she would have done this 20 or so years ago when she was quite unknown! I think Katie would be such a good chair and even though the signing queue would be a week long, I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

4. On Writing: A Panel All About Your Craft

This is one I would love to watch and learn a lot from. It would be chaired by Anna James because her book Pages & Co blew me away by how wonderful it was. The key to this panel would be to invite a few different authors and I would also like to learn alot from Alice Oseman, Matthew Crow and Jenny Colgan so I would invite those to attend! This means that we cover authors who write Middle Grade, YA and Adult in a few varying genres to cover all the bases.

5. Rosie’s Faves

This really is a dream panel because it is aimed directly at me but it would be so amazing to see my all time favourite authors all together on one panel! I would invite: Katherine Webber, Matthew Crow, Alice Oseman, Malorie Blackman and Jenny Colgan and it will be the best panel ever.

6. A Panel With Me On It

Again, purely a pipe dream but I would love to be invited onto a panel as an author one day. *Sigh* One day.

This was such a fun prompt! I really would love for all of these to happen. What do you think of my Dream Panels? Let me know down below! 

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Thank you lovelies and happy reading! ox

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