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Simply Shakespeare #42 6 Love Island 2019 Contestants As Shakespeare Characters!

I’m sure you’ll agree that this year’s Love Island was positively Shakespearean so in the spirit, I’m going to do a post comparing some of this year’s finest to Shakespeare characters.

Molly Mae – Juliet

Image result for molly mae

She’s young at only 20 and fell head over heels for the Tommy in the cutest way possible. A totally gorgeous girl with an endearing sense of innocence. Loyal to her friends.


Greg – Romeo

Image result for greg love island background

The guy who stole ALL our hearts. AND he recites poetry. Enough said.


Chris – Puck

Image result for chris love island background

Makes jokes that have more serious effects that he imagines. Makes everyone okay again. A total clown but likeable for it. Salmon King.

Curtis – Iago

Image result for curtis love island background

Sometimes seen as a meddler. Creative, funny, dramatic. Likes to be the star of the show.

Maura – Lady Macbeth

Image result for maura love island background

An absolute queen, feminist icon and fierce lady. A force to be reckoned with but can sometimes show some insecurities.


Amy – Helena

Image result for amy love island background

Been through a tough time but come out the other side stronger than ever! Underrated.


This was a fun silly post and I hope you enjoyed it!

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