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Simply Shakespeare #47 – Shakespeare Character’s Coffee Orders!

This week for something a little bit fun on Simply Shakespeare, I’m choosing 5 Shakespeare characters and picking their coffee shop orders!…

1. Juliet

Juliet reminds me of those young teens who gone into Starbucks when they don’t really like coffee, hahaha. She would 100% get a chocolate frappucino and take a cute pic for insta whilst she’s at it!

2. Macbeth

Macbeth, trying to look braver than he is (as ever) he would order a triple shot black americano and would probably pour half of it away when he doesn’t like it, so he doesn’t drink it and it goes cold.

3. Hamlet

Let’s face it, he’s order a double espresso wouldn’t he? And he’d neck it and drink a few a day at least.

4. Beatrice

I LOVE Beatrice. I feel like she would un-apologetically order something fussy. Like a decaff (because she does NOT need any more anxious energy), hazelnut Mocha with cream and chocolate shavings.

5. Puck

I feel like the best drink for Puck is Costa’s bonfire range. It’s super yummy and gives me halloweeny vibes. It’s fun and unexpected, like Puck. He’d probably make it “Irish” too!


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Thank you lovelies and happy reading! ox




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