18527577_10154365789990653_3404404491590560505_nHey lovelies,

My name is Rosie. I’m 23. I love reading (of course) and writing is my new fav thing. I love writing both fiction and academically. I also believe wholeheartedly in the healing power of the arts and I am happy to discuss this with anyone!

I got a first class honours degree in Drama in 2017 and got my debut book deal two months before graduation. Since then I’ve moved North, really got into blogging, started working at a charity and found my writing voice. I spend my weekends either helping young people make theatre, writing in a coffee shop or cuddling my two incredible nephews.


What genre of books do you read?

I mainly read YA contemporary but I love all genres of books from classic and fantasy to poetry and non-fiction.
Do you review books?
I do! I can’t possibly review all the books I read and/or get sent for review but every book I read for review will at least be included in a quarterly catch up post.

Do you only post about books?
No. I do mainly post about books, but not exclusively!
What is your review policy?
If you want me to review a book, just drop me an email at rosiefrecklereads@yahoo.com and so long as I’m interested in it, chances are I’ll read and review it. My reviews will be honest and pretty detailed. See below for lists. My turn around time is 3 months. Please note unless your ebook fits my criteria below, I am only accepting physical review quests at this time.
Book genre’ I review:

  • YA contemporary (I like it to have a bit of an edge, mental health rep, dark themes, low etc)
  • YA romance
  • Adult contemporary
  • “Chick-lit/Women’s fiction”
  • Arts non-fic
  • Plays
  • Shakespeare retelling
  • Shakespeare non-fic/biographies


What I’ll say no to:

  • High fantasy (any age range)
  • Erotica
  • Political non fiction
  • Religious lit (prefer to choose my own)
  • Sci-fi


What is Simply Shakespeare and can I get involved?

Simply Shakespeare is a weekly spotlight on my blog for anything to do with Shakespeare! If you have a book review, play review, discussion or fun post for me drop me an email at rosiefrecklereads@yahoo.com with Simply Shakespeare as the subject. AUTHORS if you have a Shakespeare retelling/piece of non-fic I WANT YOU. Email me! 


How do I contact you?

  • Use the contact form on my blog.
  • Email rosiefrecklereads@yahoo.com
  • Twitter @rosiefreckle