18527577_10154365789990653_3404404491590560505_nHey lovelies,

My name is Rosie. I’m 22. I love reading (of course) and writing is my new fav thing. I love writing both fiction and academically. I also believe wholeheartedly in the healing power of the arts and I am happy to discuss this with anyone!

Soon to be gradaute and a speciality barista, loving life and taking on the world one coffee and book at a time.

FAQ:What genre of books do you read?
I mainly read YA contemporary but I love all genres of books from classic and fantasy to poetry and non-fiction.
Do you review books?
I review all the books I get sent for review and any book I read that I feel compelled to talk about.
Do you only post about books?
No. I do mainly post about books, but not exclusively!
What is your review policy?
If you want me to review a book, just drop me an email at rosiefrecklereads@yahoo.com and so long as I’m interested in it, chances are I’ll read and review it. My reviews will be honest and pretty detailed. *Please note I currently have an extensive backlist of reviews so only enquire if you don’t mind waiting!*