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The Greatest Showman – Film Review

On 28/12/17 I went to see The Greatest Showman in the cinema with my mum and I felt like I wanted to review it! This is my first ever film review so bear with me. I have to say though it was fun, entertaining and fun and has an absolutely outstanding soundtrack…so let’s get into the…… Continue reading The Greatest Showman – Film Review

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GUEST POST: Fav Book Covers of 2017 with Jenn

Hi everyone! I’m Jenn from a page of Jenniely and I’m so excited to do a guest post on Rosie’s blog. Today I’m featuring some of my favourite book covers of 2017. First up is The Loneliest Girl in the Universe by Lauren James. Look at this cover, it’s spectacular! The accrual copy itself sparkles…… Continue reading GUEST POST: Fav Book Covers of 2017 with Jenn