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Simply Shakespare #23 – Top 10 Tips For Groundlings! – #LoveTheatreDay

So on this mighty fine #LoveTheatreDay I thought I would do a post for anyone who is thinking of going to The Globe any time soon! A Groundling was someone who went to see theatre at The Globe and had to stand in The Yard because the seats were too expensive. With a standing ticket costing about £5 these days, a lot of us will have this great experience too, so here are my Top 10 Tips For Groundlings! (Please check information on The Globe website before attending/booking, picture below from BBC)


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1. Wear Comfy Shoes!

This seems pretty self-explanatory but you’re going to be standing for AT LEAST 2 hours. Don’t wear heels. Don’t wear your fav shoes that look the most but feel awful on your feet. Also don’t wear completely flat shoes because that will hurt too!

2. Dress For The Weather, Come Rain Or Shine

At The Globe, plays go ahead no matter the weather so you will need to either, wear that winter coat or pack some sun cream. (Only in extreme weather will the play be cancelled – also no umbrellas are allowed in the yard, there are 700 of you packed in there after all!).

3. If It Goes Downhill, Throw The Smelliest Fruit Possible

If you were seeing a play at The Globe during its original season 400 or so years ago, if you started to feel the production was a bit dull, or the acting bad, you’d throw rotten fruit. Though I do not recommend you do this today, if you do choose to do so, throw rotten tomatoes because they go mushy and they STINK.

4. Be Prepared For A Bit Of Interaction

The joy of being in The Yard/Pit is that you are SO close to the action, you often find yourself IN the action! It’s such a great way to experience theatre, so embrace it and don’t shy away.

5. Stick Around For The Interval Entertainment

Back in the day, there would be musicians around before, during the interval and after the performance to keep the “commoners” (that’s you) calm and entertained. A lot of directors these days choose to keep this tradition going, so don’t spend too long in the queue for the loo.

6. Get There Early

Get there for doors because people will swarm to the stage! Make sure you have a buddy with you so you can go on loo breaks separately and not lose your place.

7. Don’t Heckle – No Matter How Tempted You Are

During the original performances, heckling would be pretty common. These days it’s just seen as rude! So unless the performance specifically calls for it, please don’t take your role of Groundling too seriously.

8. Don’t Be Jealous Of The People In Seats

I have been told (sorry Globe) that the seats aren’t actually that comfortable. In The Yard, you have the best view and at only a fiver, well, it’s a non-brainer.

9. Be Sure To Visit The Gift Shop!

The shop is amazing, you can get some lovely merch and gifts in there, keep your eyes out for a post coming soon which will show some of the lovely things you can get your hands on.

10. Enjoy Yourself

Standing at The Globe is a unique theatre experience, embrace it and enjoy it. You’ll be so in love with the performance, you won’t notice your feet aching, promise.


Hope you enjoyed this fun post! Are you planning on going to The Globe any time soon? Let me know down below! Thank you for joining me this week! If you would like to get involved in Simply Shakespeare, send me an email at rosiefrecklereads@yahoo.com with Simply Shakespeare as the subject and I’ll get the details to you! Or you can contact me on Twitter.

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Thank you lovelies and happy reading! ox


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