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Simply Shakespeare #44 – Shakes Books

I’m starting a new post series here on Simply Shakespeare to highlight books about/based on/ft references to Bill that I’m not going to do full reviews for, because I still think they deserve some love! I’ll just post one of these whenever I have 5 books to talk about.

Vinegar Girl by Anne Tyler (2017)

Publisher: Hogarth Shakespeare
Rating: ★★★★
Format: Bought my own copy from a charity shop

This is a Taming Of The Shrew retelling and I read it in one sitting and it was lovely. I want to reread it now I’ve seen an adaptation though. I’m definitely excited to read more of Anne Tyler’s books! I think she will be a fav author of mine.Vinegar Girl: The Taming of the Shrew Retold

Bad Romeo by Leisa Rayven (2014)

Publisher: Pan Macmillan
Rating: ★★★
Format: Bought my own copy 

This story follows a couple at Drama School putting on a production of Romeo And Juliet, with all the New Adult smut and risque-ness you would expect. The writing wasn’t the best, but honestly, I was trash for this and I regret nothing.

Bad Romeo (Starcrossed, #1)

Chasing The Stars by Malorie Blackman

Publisher: Penguin
Rating: ★★
Format: Won in a giveaway

Hear me out, I LOVE Malorie’s Noughts And Crosses series but this just fell flat for me. I thought I knew where it was going but then it like switched, it felt rushed and not properly thought out. I don’t know. I love Othello and this is YA Othello in SPACE. Maybe I just over-hyped it in my head?

Chasing the Stars

The Paper & Hearts Society by Lucie Powrie (2019)

Publisher: BKMRK
Rating: ★★★★
Format: Bought my own copy

This one doesn’t focus as much on Shakespeare as the others but there is one particular character, Ed, who LOVES Shakespeare. The group of friends visit Stratford on a literary road trip. Well worth the read!

The Paper & Hearts Society (The Paper & Hearts Society #1)

Our Stop by Laura Jane Williams (2019)

Publisher: Avon
Rating: ★★★★★
Format: Audiobook on Scribd

This one doesn’t focus as much on Shakespeare as the others either BUT in the interest of not wanting to spoil too much, this is a great adult romance book that features a R&J inspired cinema screening (secret cinema style) and that scene is just so joyous, I couldn’t not include it here!

Our Stop


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9 thoughts on “Simply Shakespeare #44 – Shakes Books

  1. Midsummer’s Mayhem (which I’ve just bought) is a Midsummer Night’s Dream MG retelling and I’m very excited for it! Especially as it should be good for fans of Love Sugar Magic (which I definitely am)
    Amy x

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