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BLOG TOUR: Would Like To Meet by Rachel Winters – Spoiler Free Review

I was gifted a copy of this book to review in returns for an honest review for the blog tour.

Whilst the world is completely upside down, we’re all just on the look out for fun, entertaining reads, that make us giggle. This what this book is, a fun flirty book for adults that had me giggling, cringing and gave me that little bit of escapism we are all craving!


Long-suffering assistant Evie Summers will lose her job unless she can convince her film agency’s biggest and most difficult client, Ezra Chester, to finish the script for a Hollywood romcom. The catch? He hasn’t started writing it.

Suffering from ‘writer’s block,’ he will only put pen to paper if singleton Evie can prove to him that you can fall in love like they do in the movies. Forget internet dating, Evie can only meet a man the way that Sally met Harry, or Hugh Grant meets anyone. Cue her entering into one ridiculous romcom scenario after another. But can life ever be like the movies?

Of course, real life is never that straightforward . . .

For readers who enjoyed Hot Mess, Everything I Know About Love and To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

Would Like to Meet

This is one of those books that plays out in your head like your favourite rom com movie. It’s Devil Wear’s Prada-esque in it’s girl taking the big city vibes, and with Evie at the helm, you know you’re in for a fun ride! I love any book about books/writing/the arts, which is why I requested to be on the blog tour and it’s so fun watching Evie live her life at her job at the agency, and it’s really fun and funny to read her emails because, let’s face it, we’ve all been there when we’ve sent an email of totally the wrong tone to the wrong person…oops!

Ezra is the typical bad boy, as a reader you can’t help but crush on him eventhough you know he’s oh so bad for you. But what if everything you wanted was under your nose the whole time?

Evie is a hot mess, and it’s so fun to read. Her friends and colleagues are great, well, some of them are a liiiiiiil crazy but this adds depth and warmth to an already fun and cute story.

Would Like To Meet is perfect for any romcom fan, and with one of the most satisfying endings I’ve read in a while, it’s feel good, full of fun and just the pick me up we all need right now.

Just what you need right now. Buy it here.


Happy reading, lovelies xo

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